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Ramblings of an Archivist...

... if I can remember what I' m rambling about

17 March

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User Number: 5055633
Date Created:2004-11-06
Number of Posts: 1198

gwennypenny is an archivist, a rare breed. She has an obsession with perfect catalogues and frequently considers stabbing "non-perfect" archivists. Chronic insomniac and chronic medical drama watcher, gwennypenny munches on haribo while curled up on the couch.
Strengths: Archiving, procrastinating, being lazy and eating are gwennypenny's speciality.
Weaknesses: Archiving, procrastinating, being lazy and eating are gwennypenny's weaknesses.
Special Skills: Archiving, winking, shopping.
Weapons: Weegieness, glares, and big big heavy books.
Hates: People who can't lie in bed, sweating, lack of attention to detail.

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